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Lowongan Kerja Sales Consultant Project - Jakarta Barat

Dibutuhkan :
Sales Consultant Project
  1. Direct and manage project sales from beginning to end
  2. Create and executes project work plan and revise as appropriate to change need and requirement
  3. Identify resources needed and assign individual responsible
  4. Constantly monitor and manage project change to achive project goals
  5. Delegate certain task and responsible to appropriate individual
  6. Plan and schedule project duration, and periodically evaluate actual progree
Kualifikasi :
  • Minimum requirement for this position is Diploma or Bachelor Degree
  • 1 years experience in project sales (furniture market is a plus)
  • Have excellent skill in planning and execution of the target
  • Have excellent in regulations, code and standard applicable to all work
  • Having a communication skill and high analytical skill
  • Able to work independently as well as team
  • Location : Daan Mogot - Jakarta Barat
Nomor Telepon :+622156971097

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